Ponte vecchio

The Old Bridge is one of the symbols of Florence, and one of the most famous places in the world for its quality shopping.

Thinking of the Old Bridge, one cannot avoid thinking of jewels. It’s a tradition that dates back to 1593, when Ferdinand 1st Medici decreed that the Old Bridge was to be occupied by jewelers only.

The bridge hosts the most important gold and silver workshops in Florence; right in the middle of the bridge you can find Officine Ponte Vecchio.

It is not easy to set an exact date for the birth of the Old Bridge; we are only sure that its actual shape is due either to Taddeo Gaddi or Neri di Fioravante, although what makes the bridge unique is certainly Vasari’s later work. In 1565 Cosimo Medici gave Vasari the task to build a “Corridor” (now Corridoio Vasariano) that linked the Medici’s residence, Palazzo Pitti, to their workplace, Palazzo Vecchio.

On the bridge you breathe Florence’s tradition and history; and now you will also find Officine Ponte Vecchio.