Officine Pontevecchio was conceived by Laura Giannoni Peruzzi with the intent of creating an exclusive window in this unique location, to display the true essence of Florence, in all its variety.

At the centre of our project: Florence and its craftsmen, the Old Bridge and its traditions; everything is harmoniously blended and represented by the gorgeous products you’ll find in our “bottega”, or workshop.

Top quality craftsmen –  who work with silver, textiles, marble, iron, wood, glass – together to create something unique: objects of art that represent our origins and our traditions, all passing through the skilful hands of our talented craftsmen, and which will represent Florence in the world for ever and ever…

Wisdom and passion are our inheritance, and we look forward to sharing them for future generations. We want that our culture and traditions are not only stories to be shared but also preserved in the works that showcase both our history and our future.

This is Officine Ponte Vecchio.